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Мармагао +28°

Варкала +31°

Варангаон +29°

Варанаси +27°

Вапи +29°

Ваниямбади +24°

Валсад +29°

Удджайн +30°

Индаур +30°

Валпараи +21°

Вайжапер +32°

Вадодара +34°

Ютшерамерер +28°

Уттаркаши -6°

Ютамапалайям +27°

Ютраула +28°

Усилампатти +30°

Ераваконда +28°

Уран +31°

Уплета +35°

Уннао +30°

Унджха +33°

Уна +32°

Умрет +34°

Умред +32°

Умаркот +24°

Умаркхед +29°

Умария +27°

Умарга +31°

Уллал +29°

Улхаснагар +31°

Ужхани +30°

Удупи +29°

Удумалаиппеттаи +29°

Удхампур +28°

Удгир +26°

Удангуди +27°

Удалгри +24°

Удайпур +27°

Тура +26°

Тумкур +22°

Тонк +30°

Тохана +29°

Титагар +28°

Тируваннамалаи +29°

Тируппур +25°

Тирунелвели +28°

Тирученгоде +28°

Данные о погоде Индия

India's climate was significantly warmer than normal in 2016, consistent with the warmer than global average observed over this period. The country's 2016 average annual surface temperature was +0.91°C above the 1961-1990 average, making 2016 the hottest year since national records began in 1901. As mentioned above, observational analysis shows a very low or no trend in most parts of India, while a positive trend is seen in the Northeast. The closest station with a longer time series, Bikaner, has observed temperature records from 2016 with return times ranging from 13 to 180 years. The heat wave in Andhra Pradesh has a recurrence time of about 10 years. Given the limited area covered by the latest heatwave, such an event occurs almost every year somewhere in South Asia.

Weather in india

India's climate is very warm, with an average annual temperature of 32 degrees, but only a few truly tropical and muggy months. It is warm to hot year-round with an average water temperature of 28 degrees, making it suitable for swimming. The warmest and rainiest main region is the central part. The Northeast is the coldest. Due to less rain, the best time to travel is from November to next April. Most rainy days occur from June to September. Summers are very hot in most parts of India. It starts in April and lasts until early October when the monsoon rains begin to fall. June is the hottest month, with temperatures reaching 45°C and above in the northern plains and west. The monsoon also hits the country during this period, starting June 1 and is expected to reach the Kerala coast and move inland during the day. Moisture-rich trade winds sweep across the country, bringing torrential rains and thunderstorms; sometimes these monsoon rains can be very heavy, causing flooding and damage, especially along India's major rivers, the Brahmaputra and the Ganges.

Weather in hindi

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